Mantaray Film
Joyce Carol Oates (WORKING TITLE)

After her great success of Blonde, director Stig Björkman sought out writer Joyce Carol Oates. After 9 years she finally said yes to this documentary, and we get to meet the woman behind over 100 books.

The Choir

A film about Sweden's most famous choir, Tensta Gospel Choir, and the profound human need of union and spirituality in a secular time. 


Adil and the spy

All our Uigher maincharachter Adil from the Xinjiang province wanted, was to take care of his family, but the war on terrorism turned everything upside down.We follow in his tracks over a period of ten years, beginning with being in the wrong place at the wrong time on 9/11. 


Amanda is found guilty of a $22 million fraud and forgery. Who is Amanda and what made her cross the line? 


In Iran, a country where it is forbidden for women to sing in public, women's voices become a solitary sound that is never allowed to flourish. These artist's greatest dream is to be on the stage.