Mantaray Film
Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

A poetic portrait of climate change that combines science with four Nordic stories from small communities.

The Lost Leonardo

The Lost Leonardo is the story of the discovery and search of a lost treasure. The most expensive painting ever sold. As the story evolves, the truth becomes blurred, like the painting itself. Any clear lines are hidden behind the smoky sfumato of spin, power amd hidden agendas. What gradually emerges is a tale of how the vested interest in the Salvator Muni's authenticity is of such tremendous power that the truth is secondary.


A cold and clear Easter night on the 6th of April 1990, the cruise ship Scandinavian Star departs from Oslo and sails towards Frederikshavn, carrying 383 passengers and 99 crew members. During the night a fire erupts, and 159 people lose their lives. With a burning ship stranded in the middle of Skagerak, the authorities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden suddenly face a transnational murder case. At the same time there is a financial game following the ship, with traces to USA, the international shipping trade and a global reality, which the authorities is not prepared for. Today, 30 years after, the arson is still an unsolved mystery.  

The Great Game

Michael seeks the truth about his grandfather Henning Haslund-Christensen. An explorer, arms smuggler and secret agent who took part in an expedition that helped shape modern China. A story about loss of memory, family and connecting with the past.

Nowhere to hide

We follow medic Nori Sharif over five years of dramatic change after the American retreat from Iraq in 2011. He starts by documenting stories of survivors, but as he finds himself trapped between ISIS and the Iraq Militias, trying to save his own family, he turns the camera on himself.




Daughter of Genghis is an epic journey spanning 7 years, following Gerel, a violent neo-nationalist, who runs a gang of women in the underworld of the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar. Gerel is fighting for both motherland and motherhood. Her son Temuulen is neglected in this fight, but slowly she embraces her responsibilities as a mother while abandoning her violent path.

Mother's Wish

Mother's Wish is a documentary that brings together women's stories from around the world. Twelve women from different countries share their stories about the most important turning points and moments that changed their lives. Together their stories form a poetic and emotional film about love, fear and loneliness; the moment of happiness after the birth of the first child, the pride of mother on the daughter's first school day, the escape and survival from forced marriage, the scars left behind by abuse, all told by women.


Three American teenagers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, grapple with life in this coming of age story, portraying torn family bonds, emotional isolation and the everyday consequences of being openly LGBT in the buckle of the Bible belt.

What do you do when you're 15, dream to come out as gay and live right in the middle of the Bible Belt?



The optimists

The Optimists is an extraordinary volleyball team of women between the ages of 60 and 98. Despite their weekly training sessions, The Optimists have not played a match for 30 years. Now they have decided to play one final game. But against whom? Is there a suitable team of handsome Super Old Boys to be found out there? Rumors say there is a group of Swedish gentlemen who call themselves "Krutgubbarna".

Release in Norway: 27 september 2013

Release in Sweden: 4 april 2014

Release in Denmark: 20 september 2014

Not a man in sight

Marja 78, is fucking pissed off at all power doors and square toilets in the new apartment she and her wife Bodil moves into. It needs a sex change operation ...

Mette 35, stands with her wife Stina faced with the question: Will our children have no father?

Martine 24, wants people to think about her as an ordinary masculine man.

The director Mette Aakerholm Gardells personal film about three generations of lesbians, how they find their places and roles in relationships in a world where there is no man.

Five Star Existence

5 Star Existence is the director Sonja Lindén’s cinematographic quest to the core of the modern information society where technology and human being get more and more entwined. The film explores the consequences that the technological explosion has on our relating and culture as well as on our psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.