Mantaray Film


In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a tiny youth center called OpenArms Youth Project is squeezed in between two of the city’s two thousand churches.  The center welcomes young LGBT kids between thirteen and nineteen, who have decided to come out in a very religious society. But the prize for being yourself is high – and you end up becoming a MISFIT.

While the general public opinion towards gays in the USA is slowly changing, this coming-of-age story closely follows the three young protagonists as they struggle to achieve a sense of self in a community that still widely condemns homosexuality.

MISFITS is a film about being yourself, even though that choice may cause great personal costs. The three characters in the film, Larissa, Benny and "D", all go to the center where they find love and support to confront the daily drama they are living because of their sexuality.

About the characters:
LARISSA (17) has had some tough years, both at home and in school, since she came out as a lesbian. She is leaving home in order to avoid the many confrontations and fights. Because of all the problems, Larissa has had too much absence and is now working hard to get back on track in a new school in order to pass her final exams.

BENNY (19) was bullied by his dad and his older brother Gage, when he was younger. When you feel isolated in a place where you were supposed to be feeling the most secure, it’s natural that you start dreaming about distant and unattainable places, where you will be loved no matter who you are. But as he’s getting older Benny realizes that you can‘t dream all the time and that you have to confront reality.

Director: Jannik Splidsboel
Producer: Sara Stockmann.
Co-producer Stina Gardell / MANTARAY FILM