Mantaray Film

Not a man in sight

Marja 78, is fucking pissed off at all power doors and square toilets in the new apartment she and her wife Bodil moves into. It needs a sex change operation ...

Mette 35, stands with her wife Stina faced with the question: Will our children have no father?

Martine 24, wants people to think about her as an ordinary masculine man.

The director Mette Aakerholm Gardells personal film about three generations of lesbians, how they find their places and roles in relationships in a world where there is no man.

No man in sight is a close and personal narrative that start in something complicated and how complex we all are. It's about feeling lonely and outside, perhaps more than others? About wanting to fit in and to be a bit special.

In this film, the ladies control the ship and the nature, and the sea are men in this difficult voyage we call life - where there is no man in sight.

Director: Mette Aakerholm Gardell
Producer: Kristine Ann Skaret / Medieoperatørene
Co-producent: Stina Gardell / Mantaray Film

With support from Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, TV2 Norway, SVT, The Institution Fritt Ord, World sales, Medieoperatørene, Festival handling.

The film was released in Sweden on February 13 2012 at Unga Klara.

The film premiered on TV2 Norway October 12, 2011 and on SVT 2 in Sweden april 12, 2012.

The film has been or will be shown at the following festivals:
Q! Film Festival, Jakarta 2012
CineDoc, Greece 2012
Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival, St. Petersburg 2012
Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Oslo 2012
Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Hamburg 2012
Tempo Film Festival, Stockholm 2012
Outview, Athens, 2012
Pink Apple, Zurich, 2012
QDoc, Portland, 2012

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Also: TV2 Norway, World Sales, Medieoperatørene and Festival handling.