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He Thinks he's The Best (2011)

Maria Kuhlbergs uncles, Aldo and Carmine, has been at loggerheads since they were little. In connection to her grandmother's funeral Carmine tries to kill Aldo in a fight, but Vito - Maria's grandfather and their father - intervened. Since that day the uncles has not spoken to each other. Maria wants them to meet and start talking.

The film recreates the family's journey from poverty in southern Italy in the 40s to the new homeland Sweden, where several obstacles awaits. In her film Maria Kuhlberg examines if her family, despite his violent social heritage, can become reconciled.

The film was released on October 3rd, 2011 at Unga Klara.

The release was followed by a tour in collaboration with Våra Gårdar. The director traveled with the film to more than 20 cinemas across Sweden.

In 2012, the film has participated in several festivals:
DocPoint in Helsinki, Finland 4-29/1 2012
One World Human Rights Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic 6-15/3 2012
MakeDox Festival in Skopje, Macedonia 15-22/6 2012

The film has received several awards, including The Young Onion Award at MakeDox Festival, The Icarus Prize for best documentary, the Swedish television award "Kristallen" for best documentary program, Prix Italia, and a special commendation at Prix Europa. 


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Director: Maria Kuhlberg
Photography: Eric Börjesson, Ivan Blanco, Lukas Eisenhauer, Martina Iverus
Editor: Andreas Jonsson
Music: Kalle Bäccman
Producer: Stina Gardell - MANTARAY FILM

In cooperation with SVT - Project Manager Patrick Bratt, SFI - Tove Torbiörnsson, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

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