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Living . Loving (2018)

The year is 2013 when 40 men and women, plus a number of dogs move in to ”The Rainbow" in Stockholm. The world's first residential home for homosexuals. This generation grew up in the aftermath of World War II, where gay men were sent to concentration camps, was prohibited by law, labeled as sick, insane, totally invisible and shame coated. When they move to their new home their worldview becomes airier. For the first time in their lives they find their ways home and begins to live more. Love themselves a bit more.
This generation of people, who now face old age, carry a completely different story. The common struggle for freedom, respect and rights. But the film TO LIVE.TO LOVE seek the personal struggles and concerns how Agneta, Ingbritt and Thomas find their way to live and love themselves a bit more, but in very different ways. The way home. An inner journey.
"The Rainbow" becomes a framework for security which dreams and fantasies can be expressed within.
Old photos and archivematerial is given new life, through video projections in real time -
a collaboration with video artist Sabina Jacobsson. When they close the door to their apartments and opens their boxes of old photos and memories, the sadness, bitterness, longing and the feeling of shame appears. What kind of a life have they had to live?
The Rainbow is also a frame to where our common history moves into the walls, floors and ceilings and reinforces the feeling that we can change the present by creating new "images". New awareness. But the film is also about life at the Rainbow as a micro-society, and raises questions about how patterns and groupings are formed, how tolerance, and the absence of it, can create division and new "meetings" regardless of gender or sexual orientation. That it is often completely unexpected things that tie people together.


Director: Mette Aakerholm Gardell
Producer: Stina Gardell
Cinematographer: Ellinor Hallin
Editor: Max Eriksson
Videoartist: Sabina Jacobsson
Composer: Rebekka Karijord
Sound Design: Håkon Lammetun
Grapic Design: Martin Falck
Colorist: Sebastian Guest

Internationell Premiere: 17 augusti 2018

Distrubuton Sweden: Nonstop Entertainment

Developed with support from SVT, SFI, Innovativ Kultur, Fritt ord and co-produced by Bente Olav for Gründer Film.


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