Mantaray Film

SARA - a film about Sara Lidman (2019)

At the age of 6, she has to choose between her best friend the Fur in the Wood and the Letters in School. She becomes a Writer with a Language of her own, unlike anyone elses. She makes the whole contry of Sweden wake up and acknowledge the injustice of the US War in Vietnam. She makes the terms of the mining workers in Sweden visible and gets the blame for theGreat Mining Strike. And all her life, she is longing for Love. Sara Adela Lidman from Missenträsk, Sweden, who was she, how didshe live, what were her thoughts?

Director: Gunilla Bresky
Cinematographer: Erik Vallsten
Editing: Fredrik Ydhag
Music Composer: Johan Ramström
Producer: Stina Gardell
Distributor: Folkets Bio
Release: November 2019

Financiers & partners: Developed with the support fromThe Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Region Norrbotten, in co-pro- duction with Gunilla Bresky and Filmpool Nord, in collaboration with SVT, K-Special

Nominated for a Guldbagge (Swedish academy awards) Best Original Score 2020
Gemma Firsova award - Best film on a social philosophical theme 2020