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In 1971, due to the world premiere of Death in Venice, Italian director Lucino Visconti proclaimed his Tadzio as the world’s most beautiful boy. A shadow that today, 50 years later, weighs Björn Andresen’s life. A film about the price of beauty. A drama that takes us to Japan, Italy, France and Denmark.


Directors: Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri
Cinematographer: Erik Vallsten
Editor: Hanna Lejonqvist, Dino Jonsäter
Composer: Anna von Hausswolff, Filip Leyman
Head of Archive: Jonas Goldmann
Producer: Stina Gardell
Length: Festival version 94 min, TV version 52 min
Release: World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2021

Developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union, The Swedish Film Institute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Film invest Örebro and Jonas Gardell Produktion, in coproduction with SVT and ZDF/ARTE, in collaboration with YLE

Sundance FF21 Official Selection
Selected for Nordisk Panorama Observer+ 2018 and awarded Best Nordic Project at Docs Ports Incheon, South Korea 2018

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29 Jan, World Premiere, Sundance Film Festival, USA
1 April, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong
8 April, Cleveland International Film Festival, USA
25 April, Moscow International Film Festival, Russia
6 May, CPH:Dox, Denmark
25 June, Pesaro Film Festival, Italy
29 June, La Rochelle International Film Festival, France
3 July, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece
4 July, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Austraila
28 August, Atlàntida Mallorca Film Festival, Spain
31 August, Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel
13 September, Film by the Sea Film Festival, Netherlands
16 August, Monterrey Film Festival, Mexico (Audience Award Winner)
12 September, Master of Art Film Festival, Bulgaria (Winner of AURUBIS AWARDS)


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