Mantaray Film

A film about bathing men

Meet the "mad" inventor, his dressers, the taxi drivers longing for love and the whistling bath attendant. Liljeholmsbadet is a swimming pool in the water at Bergsundsstrand in Stockholm. Every Friday, the men go swimming there. Only men. The seasons come and go and the men keep swimming. Sometimes it feels like time stands still. In a poetic tone the documentary filmmaker Bengt Book tells the storys of these men. Stories of happiness, sadness, dreams and lack of dreams. A close, touching and humorous film about the need for companionship and the need to be surrounded (by water).

Director: Bengt Bok
Cinematographer: Bjarne Santesson
Editor: Ingrid Nilsson
Editor Supervisor: Anette Lykke-Lundberg
Music: Daniel Bingert
Producer: Stina Gardell